TRuStories DA have produced the book. More precisely, we are two sisters fromTromsø.

When we were small we were fascinated by the Northern Light. We thought it was both beautiful, mystical and a bit sinister.

We had heard that the Northern Light could come down and take us if we waved to it with something white. Because of this Trude never dared to wear white mittens when she was outside playing, Perhaps the Northern Light might think that she waved to it when she was only playing outside!

Even so now and again we used to dare ourselves to tease the Northern Light by waving to it with a white scarf, and then run and hide as quickly as possible.

Gradually we discovered that it was not so dangerous after all. Nevertheless we never stopped being fascinated by it.


Those that live in this Arctic area far north can see the Northern Light quite often, but it is never exactly the same! We always stop and admire it when we see it waving across the heavens. It is dramatic and spectacular to watch.

That is why we wanted others to experience this phenomen, especially children, who are often close to nature and the magical side of life.

There are many tales and legends about the Northern Light that have been told in different northern cultures throughout time. We have included some of them in this book. 

We welcome you to Bim’s world and hope that you will have a great experience, either from the app/ebook with Lisa Stokke telling the story, when you sit and read it for yourself or when sitting in a cosy corner reading it to eager listeners of any age.


Bjørneklemmer fra Stine og Trude