‘Bim’s Northern Light Dream’, is an exciting book for children of all ages. 

It is about Bim, a bear cub, who dreams about seeing the Northern Light, which, he has heard such a lot about. Unfortunately his mother says hewill not be able to see it because when it appears they will have hibernated for the winter, and they will be fast asleep. Even so, one dark night, Bim stays awake and creeps out of their lair in search of the magical Northern Light. 

The book combines a thrilling and cosy story with beautiful photographs of the Northern Light and the scenery in Northern Norway, plus hand-drawn illustrations of the different characters.

The book is a lovely present for Norwegians to give to each other and a real North Norwegian story for visitors from other countries. It is translated into English by Josephine Stenersen, German by Kristine Bakkeby Moe and Italian, by Francesco Galbiati.



You can now download the book as an app from the App Store and Google Play and have a fully digital experience with Lisa Stokke’s story-telling voice! This is available in both Norwegian and English.


“When we were in Tromsø in February we bought your book, ‘Bim’s Northern Light Dream’. I am still delighted. It is a real little gem.”
- Erika, Germany.

It is truly delightful, beautifully written and the artwork and photographs are stunning. It is something to be very proud of. My husband even asked me if there were more stories about Bim! The gorgeous bear had struck a chord with him.
- Selina, New Zealand.

” The book is charming! We have a pupil in the second class, who does not like reading books with the exception of the story about Bim, which he wants to read.” 

Tromsø teacher

” In the kindergarten we read the story about Bim when the Arctic nights are here. The children love the book. They play being Bim and Ripsi and have even made a theatrical performance based on the story!”
- Kindergarten teacher, Tromsø